Review of David King Workshop

“I asked David to come into work with our year 11 photography students to introduce them to skills, techniques, and equipment they had not previously had the opportunity to use and learn. David was very flexible during the planning process and was able to offer us exactly what we wanted; portrait photography themed workshop with a focus on using different types of lighting. From the outset, he was engaging and chatting to the students about the equipment he had kindly loaned and set up for the workshop. David was very patient with the students and openly shared his experiences and techniques with them.

By the end of the workshop, the students had exactly what they wanted, a great selection of experimental and quality and images they could now edit as part of their GCSE course.

We hope to welcome David back very soon to work with the year 10 photography group.”

Mrs Barrett-Smith – Teacher of Art &Photography | OSG UK Maidstone Campus

“The workshop with David was really inspiring. I learned a lot about all his equipment he brought in with him; how to use the camera better for portrait photos and the different types of lighting you can use. David is friendly and easy to work with, with lots of experience that he is willing to share. I would really recommend having David in for one of his workshops!”

Year 11 photography student | OSG UK Maidstone Campus


Luceco plc is a £180m global Group consisting of 5 unique electrical brands. We have worked with David for over 10 years to deliver our Product, Lifestyle and Location photography.
Our ranges consist of some extremely complex products, so we need a photographer that can quickly grasp the project and deliver exceptional results every time, whether this be a stand-alone product, packaging, product installation & usage, or a complex location shoot involving product and people.
David is flexible, productive and creative, always exceeding our initial brief. We continue to use David because he instills a great amount of trust, we can rely on him to get the job done quickly and effectively, whilst conveying a story into his imagery that has helped grow the Luceco brand over the past decade.

Brand Manager – Luceco plc


Dave has done a lot of the photography for our website and product packaging which has been integral to both the overall aesthetics and the reflection of our brand. When you’re attempting to display a premium product in a purely visual format, a space where your ethos of using only the finest, natural ingredients needs to be expressed to the viewer in an instant; then equally high-quality photography is essential in reflecting the premium quality in your product. Dave’s obsession with attention to detail, in getting everything just-right, and being an accomplished ‘master-of-light’ has been integral to achieving this visual communication. Getting just-the-right image of a product which, you cannot touch or taste, yet gets the viewer as close to the ‘experience’ of the product is integral for displaying premium confectionery in such two-dimensional spaces.

Marketing Manager – Fudge Kitchen